Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Better Late than Never- WCS8 has been released

WCS 7.0 initial version was released on 2010-October . Exactly after 5 yeras IBM announced the new version of WebSphere commerce - Version 8.0

Here are the quick take away ..

•    CSR – Customer service representative features.    A brand new features exclusively  for CSR . This is a mandatory tool for any ecommerce applicattion . Thanks IBM to recognize the industry need
•    SaaS Based Cloud support - As expected .. Yet to see how the architecture difference on cloud
•    Spring Supported Management center - Happy for all Spring loving developers


infocenter is given below

Waiting for there  technical release

Also  announced the WCS 6.0 discontinue dates : Good by WCS 6.0 .

Monday, March 3, 2014

About crawler utility in WCS

Command to execute :
crawler.bat -cfg D:\WCDE_ENT70\search\solr\home\bipindroidConfig.xml

Change following parameters:
<var name="storePathDirecttory">D:/WCDE_ENT70/workspace/Stores/WebContent/Aurora</var>
<var name="filterDir">D:/WCDE_ENT70/search/solr/home</var>

Monday, February 24, 2014

WebSphere Commerce Utility examples

Coming soon

  • di-preprocess.bat
  • D:\WCDE_ENT70\bin>di-preprocess.bat D:\WCDE_ENT70\search\pre-processConfig\MC_10351\Cloudscape

  • di-buildindex.bat
  • D:\WCDE_ENT70\bin>di-buildindex.bat -masterCatalogId 10351

  • acpload.bat
  • D:\WCDE_ENT70\bin>acpload MyCompanyCatalogAccessControlPolicies.xml

  • enableFeature.bat
  • enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=management-center
  • enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=store-enhancements
  • enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=foundation

  • isRunning.bat
  • isRunning.bat

  • restoreDefault.bat
  • restoreDefault.bat force (optional)

  • setupPlugins.bat
  • setupPlugins.bat

  • resetstores.bat
  • resetstores.bat

  • updatedb.bat 
  • updatedb.bat cloudscape

  • setdbtype.bat
  • setdbtype.bat  cloudscape [createdb]

  • setenv.bat
  • setenv.bat

  • versionInfo.bat
  • versionInfo.bat

  • startWCToolkit.bat
  • startWCToolkit.bat

  • wcs_password <password> <salt> <key>
  • wcs_password bipinkumar <salt from userreg> <merchent key from wc-sever.xml>

  • publishstore.bat
  • publishstore localhost wcsadmin wcsadmin  D:\WCDE_ENT70\starterstores\ConsumerDirect\Aurora.sar

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Checklist for SEO developers

Let me share the common  problems which required immediate Search Engine optimization

Page title has bad keyword
Provide more relevant keyword in the <title> column
Page header has bad keyword
Provide more relevant keyword in the <head> column
First Sentence of body
The first sentence has more value in the search engine indexes. So create it carefully
Missing meta tag in HTML
Provide necessary meta tag which may keep you ahead in search ranking
Page Content issues
 Keep updating the Content regularly
The data should be relevant for the site
301 Redirects:
Customer still refer to old URL from bookmark
Give a map in your site with old URL and new URL . After some time if the customer is no longer refer to old url , then you can remove that.
There are two tables
SEOREDIRECT : This tables hold the old url and new url
SEOREDIRECTTRAFFIC: Used for checking the traffic of redirect rule utilization
404 Issues,410,303,302
Same as 301
Same as 301
Dynamic URL
Change to static URL.
Apply Pattern file and mapper file to map the dynamic url to static values
Refer :SEOURLPatters-Product.xml
Table : SEOURL: Hold the catentry_id, category_id etc
SEOURLKEYWORD: Unique key word for each product /category which user can use for search . This will be map with concerned product id or catentry id in the SEOURL table.
Limitation :  Commerce URL Mapping feature does not handle get and post forms.
Site map
Really a map for crawlers. Entry point for Search engine. This will help the crawler to ensure they cover all pages in your site
There are tools available in the market to create sitemap for you site.  Google also has.
Provide alternative set of pages which is exclusively for crawlers to read and index it
Stop Character in the Link
Associated with Dynamic URL
Avoid stop character in you content /Link everywhere.
Long URL
www.mystore/shop/product name. Keep it short and simple
/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ This is irrelevant to both crawlers and end users.
Change /webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ to /shop in the wc-server.xml in the context in the SEOConfiguration part
Check your httdf.config file. You have to modify webserver level also  
Links matters
Provide enough cross linking between the pages.

Words in Link
Provide good capture for you link rather than full url like
<a href=” http://kingofwcs.blogspot.com”>wcs Blog</>
Need Tools
Use Google webmaster tool to identify other issues reported from the crawlers
Image Name
Give proper name for each of your image – The name should me matching with your content
Alt message in Image
Provide meaning full message
Invisible Text
Avoid invisible text and tiny text
Keyword stuffing
Avoid duplicate keyword. Do not try to cheat the search engine crawlers. Once they found cheating they will block you from the list for ever (it happened for BMW also )
Keep relationship between keyword and content

Loading time
Understand that crawlers is also a software program They try to download your page before indexing the context. If downloading time increase they may ignore your page
Dynamic content
Crawlers may not be happy with the dynamic content. Better to reduce it
Image map
Links inside the image . WOW
Beware crawlers may reject it because of the security issues
There are some solutions

Graphics vs. text
Text will take more preference  

Table Structures
Use it but carefully
Using tables for layout duplicates a lot of HTML markup for every page in your site that is loaded. This duplication will effect your page-load time, even if it is only slightly,
Use it but carefully
Good link
Better to avoid this
Understand then use this
If session timeout the page content vanishes.
Rewrite the Sessionid using URL rewriting .But how ? I have to find. It J

Even with URL Mapping, Site Map and Search Ranking, we cannot guarantee high ranking. That required several other parameters. Google like search engine change the parameters regularly. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things to consider for Install Feature Pack 6 on WCS7.0

Steps to Install Feature Pack 6

  • Install WCS 7.0
  • Install IBM Update Installer version Version: 1.6.2 
  • Install WCS fix pack 7 (
  • Install WAS fixpack 13 ( or above)
  • Check point : Try to load Madison store/Management Center. If any issue fix it before proceeding to next step
  • Install the Feature pack 6
  • Republish the server after the installation. (other wise your application may not work )
  • Execute below commands to enable the feature pack:
    • enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=management-center
    • enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=store-enhancements
    • enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=foundation
  • If any issues restoreDefault.bat  and execute enableFeature.bat steps

For a successful build below message will be in \toolkitfolder\logs\enableFeature.logBUILD SUCCESSFUL

Optional : Public Aurora store

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Feature Pack 6 - Page layout A Quick View

      -> Your workspace should be in  the same version given below
      IBM WebSphere Commerce Version        
      WCS Fix paack Version or above
      Feature pack Version
      -> Publish Aurora Starter store

Let me explain the quick way to implementing the page layout with new template

a) Create new file(MyNewHomePage) by copying form Stores/WebContent/Aurora/Layouts/HomePage.jsp

b) You can add or delete the widgets on this file.Make sure you are not braking the flow

c) Update the PAGELAYOUT  table with your query 

d) updaet Struts-config-ext.xml with your new view say - MyNewHomePageLayoutView with <forward> and <action>

e) Do acpload for above view

f) Open management cetner and check the newly crated teamplate

g) Assign the newly created template to the template type (HomePage). Provide necessary start date and end date

h) Refresh your Aurora store

FEP 5 also come with page layout .It is better to go with FEP6 due to enhanced features and bug fixing
WCS fixpack 13 or above and Feature pack 6 itself it enough for enabling the Page layout tool
Once you installed the FEP 6, make sure you enable the following components
enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=management-center
enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=store-enhancements
enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=foundation

Each template contains multiple widgets which will help you to keep your images/artifacts etc. Widgets are basically div tags - a place holder for business users to place there images and other text content. It is IT developer responsibility to create widgets . Make sure your widgets size is compatible with images and other content For better practice : Keep  widget in data area and UI area

Page Review option in the FEP 6 is closing working with Page layout. This will help the business users to edit there content easy