Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WebSphere Commerce interview questions.

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WebSphere Commerce: WCS interview questions
websphere commerce interview questions ,Websphere Commerce interview questions and answers
webspherecommerceserver wcs interview questions websphere interview questions and answers


  • JSTL tags and its details?
  • How to configure JMS in wcs?
  • How to develop webservice in wcs?
  • Explain the access control policy?What is the purpose of access control policy?
  • How to publish the store?what you mean by starter store?
  • How to setup payment ,tables,payment policy,payment types ?
  • Explain the Dynacache?
  • How to enable single sign on?
  • How to enable cross site scripting?
  • How to do fitgap analysis in WCS?
  • What the EJB transaction parameters?
  • which are different types of entity beans n which one is used in commerce?
  • Which are the different types of databeans. What is commonly used in commerce.when do we use it?
  • which are the different flavours of EJB in wcs ?
  • What are acessbeans? What is the advantage of accessbean?
  • How to read the object status from the Remote Java VM?
  • Steps of insert and read data into commerce tables?
  • State one diff between 6.0 and 7.0 commerce version?
  • what is optimistic locking?
  • Which are the different subsystems in commerce?
  • What are the different tools available in commerce?
  • How to schedule job in the commerce ,tables ?
  • Which are the different databases which commerce supports?
  • Which is default database in commerce?
  • Explain Control command and task command in wcs ?
  • What is the use of KEYS table in wcs ?
  • What is the use of CMDREG table in wcs ?
  • How to instatiate a databean -2 ways?
  • What is a command context.?
  • List different types of command context ?
  • How do you instantiate a task command ?
  • Can we instantiate controller command from another controller command ?
  • How do you pass data from controller command to task command?
  • Name five methods available in a Controller command?
  • What is validateParameters() used for?
  • What is the purpose of isRetriable() method in a controller command?
  • what is the first method executed when a controller command is invoked?
  • What is the method called when a databean is invoked?
  • what is the use of optCounter field?
  • List all tag libraries used in a JSP?
  • Why is struts-config entry required while creating a JSP or a command?
  • What is the use of commitCopyHelper() and refreshCopyHelper()?
  • What does map.mapxmi file contain?
  • what does stores project contain?
  • While creating a new View, what are the entries made in struts-config xml?
  • What is format tag used for?
  • what is a locale?
  • What does SAR file mean?
  • What is the default store for b2c?
  • What are the different editions of WCS?
  • List the different business models of wcs ?
  • Which are different types of Exceptions used in commerce?
  • Whats the difference between system Exception and Application Exception?
  • Which exception is retriable?
  • How can we make a command retriable?
  • Which the main Exception class used in commerce?
  • Functional architecture and Runtime architecture of WCS 6.0/WCS 7.0.
Member subsystem
  • Organization hirarchy?
  • Different tables used for user registraton?
  • Releationship between the user and organization?
  • How to create roles ?
  • How to create users?
  • How to create organization?
  • What are the different typs of user types?
  • What are the different types of member groups

  • How to setup promotion- explain the tables used for promotion ?
  • How to create campagin activity?
  • What are the diffent activity in marketing campaign?

Order Subsystem
  • Explain the differnt order status?
  • Difference between the order item and orders and tables ?
  • Different types of promotions and details with tables?
  • Explain the Calculation frame work with example and tables?
  • Explain the Acceleretor framework?
  • Explain in detal any customisations or development done in acceleretor using Notebook, Wizard, Dialogs?
  • Best practices for customizing accelretor?

  • How to setup the email?
  • What is the use of transport option in administration console?

  • How to create contract?
  • How to setup the Catalog filter and explain with tables?

  • Difference between mastercatalog and sales catalog?
  • How to setup different category - tables and commands?
  • Explain the SKU,partnumber with catalog tables?
  • What is dictionary?
  • Which tool is used for catalog management ?
  • what is the difference between product and item?
  • About wcf