Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to disable Order locking feature in wcs?

Stop order locking/ disable order locking.
stop order lock/locking

Add the following element to the wc-server.xml file between the InstanceProperties> and InstanceProperties> tags.

< orderlockfeature enabled="false" > But this is

But this is not advisable...and only available in the WCS 7.0 not in WCS 6.0
As per my understanding there are 3 locking mechanism available in SOFT lock section
Lock 0- orderlockfeature enabled="false"
Lock 1- orderlockfeature enabled="true"
Lock 2- CSR lock

You can try below code in wcs6.0 this will help u to unlock the SOFT lock in order subsystem
OrderLockingHelper oh = getOrderLockingHelper();
This will unlock the order for the curren transaction ..

:) enjoy order with out lock ..