Monday, January 17, 2011

Integrate WCS with jadclipse

Steps to be Followed: (search jad ,eclipse, clipse,wcs, integrate)

Step1: Copy the jadclipse_3.1.0.jar to E:\RAD601\eclipse\plugins
Step2: Extract the zip file and store it in any drive (preferably E:)
Step3: Open your Commerce Developer Toolkit
Step i: Goto Window à Preferences
Step ii: On the left pane, locate Java
Step iii: Inside Java locate JadClipse
Step iv: In the right pane, enter the path to decompiler : ( E:\jadnt158\jad.exe)
Step v: Do not change anything else
Step vi: Select Workbench from the left pane
Step vii: Locate File Associations in Workbench
Step viii: On the right pane, File Types, Locate .Class
Step ix: Set JadClipse as your default class viewer.
Step 4: Close the toolkit and open it again

Now you would be able to see the .class files in your RAD itself. This would help while extending the current classes.

Uploaded by Athish Roy- Thanks to Athish Roy :)