Saturday, August 6, 2011

All about Organization Structure

About wcs Organization Structure:
The WebSphere Commerce organization structure provides a framework for the actors, or entities, in your business scenario. This framework is organized in a hierarchical structure, which mimics typical organizational hierarchies with entries for organizations and organizational units and users.The organization structure and the access control model, are closely related, in that the access control model applies access control policies to organizations rather than to individual entities (stores, customers, administrators and so on).The policies that apply to an entity (or resource) are applied to the organizations that own the entity or resource.

The basic organization structure is
(Root organization)  --> (Default Organiation)
(site administrator)         (customer)

Root organization:
The root organization is the top level organization and is its own parent. All organizations in the WebSphere Commerce organization structure are descendents of the root organization. The site administrators are owned by the root organization.

Default organization:
The default organization is owned by the root organization.
All guest customers and all customers in a consumer direct scenario belong to the default organization.
Customers in a B2B direct or B2B indirect scenarios should not be placed under the default organization,
but rather in the appropriate buyer organization. B2C users under the default organization can be managed by an administrator in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.Business users outside of the default organization can be managed in the Organization Administration Console.Do no create stores under the default organization. Instead, create stores under a separate organization, such as the seller organization

Consumer Direct Organization structure
Root--Seller Organization--B2COrganization
Root--Default Org

B2B Direct Organization Structure
Root Organization -Default Organization
Root Organization - Buyer Organization
Root Organization - Seller Organization - B2B Organization
Both Default org and Buyer org will keep the customer data and Seller Organization will keep the store data
A child organizational unit (ou), B2B organization, is created under the seller organization to own the store (Business).
eg :

Extended Sites Organization Structure
Root org -Default Organization (customers who does NOT belogs to any body)
Root org -Buyer Organization (Buyers who represents organizations)
Root org -Seller Organization
  -B2C - Store A
  -B2B - Store B

Root Organization -Extended Sites Organization -
  -Extended Sites hub Organization (Channel adminstrators,Hub store)
  -Store directory Organization (Store Directory)
  -Asset Store Organization
   -Catalog Asset Store
   -Consumer direct storefront asset store
   -B2B direct storefront asset store