Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Integreate WCS with Coremetrics

  • Integrate with Coremetrics:
    Procedure Navigate to the folder containing your site JSP files.
  • This should be the WC_eardir /Stores.war/ folder. For example, the JSP files for the ConsumerDirect starter store, are located in the WC_eardir /Stores.war/ConsumerDirect/ folder.
  • Update the JSP files with the page view tag. This does not include anything that customers cannot see such as snippets. For more information, see Auto tagging utility.
  • Update your order confirmation page with the order tag.
  • Update your shopping cart display page with the shopping cart tag.
  • Update your product display pages with the product tag.
  • This includes any page that displays low level details about an orderable item, such as packages, bundles, and so on.
  • Update your customer account page with the registration tag. Update your e-Marketing Spot JSP fragments with the campaign URL tag.
  • If necessary, add the generic tag to any pages on which it is required.
  • The page view tag must be the last tag in the body segment of any given JSP file.
  • Any other tags should be placed immediately before this tag.