Friday, January 21, 2011

WebServices in WCS

What is Web services ?

The term Web services describes a standardized way of integrating Web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol backbone. XML is used to tag the data, SOAP is used to transfer the data, WSDL is used for describing the services available and UDDI is used for listing what services are available. Used primarily as a means for businesses to communicate with each other and with clients, Web services allow organizations to communicate data without intimate knowledge of each other's IT systems behind the firewall

Here is the technology used in the Web Services
Letter + Envelop +Postal Service + Post Office + Post Master
This could be a crud example. But it is easy to understand :)
Eg:You are sending a letter to your friend - same as web service
Letter in english(Data in XML)
Letter in Envelop(Data with XML in SOAP)
Send to Post Office through Postal Service(Send SOAP to UDDI through HTTP)
Post Master job to send to actual location(WSDL ..)

How to develop web services in WCS ? ---comming shortily