Monday, April 11, 2011

All about Webspere commerce promotions

  Promotion Tables
  How to stop promotions?
  • Stop promotion in table level. PX_PROMOTION/CALCODE
  • Stop promotion in instance level -wc-server.xml
    • RLPromotionComponentConfiguration -false
    • RulesBasedDiscount-false
    • component enabled="false" name="RulesBasedDiscount
    • Clean the promotion registry
  • Stop promotions from your customized commands /jsp

Search key words.
promotion promotions . XMLPARAM , PX_PROMOTION,
customize ,CategoryLevel, ProductLevel, mix and , Buy x , Get x free ,Mix and match and all promotion with calcode , create /edit calcode

How to create a promotion ?
--Comming soon

How to customize the promotions
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More about Promotion Engine ?
--Comming soon

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