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So many things we can discuss here on caching..let me draft the document
Draft v1.0

Dynacache :Advantages/Disadvantages
IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale -WXS:
Jboss cache :
infinispsan cache :

Let us go through  all market leaders ..

But before jumping to any caching.. we should familiar with some caching terminology

such as.. 
Cache id :A unique key to represent any cache object in the cache server
cache expire :Define a time period for any cache to expire 
Cache eviction :If cache is reached it maximum capacity.. apply some rule to remove the some of items to place new items
normally using some algorithm called.. LRU .. etc
invalidation :Invalid the cache id if the data in the cache is not sych with the source system
and..what else.. .

Why wee need caching /Or what time we should think about caching?
- If the cost of any object creation is too heavy 
- if any object is very frequently using/accessing
- if multiple users are using same object 
ya that object/component is eligible for caching.. 

Starting with Dyna cache...

Dyna cache:

This is a in-memory caching mechanism from IBM which is commonly using in the websphere app server
Dynacache is non-transactional and replicated caching system

Dyna cache supports - 
Servlet/JSP object caching, Command level caching.. 
Full page caching
Fragment caching
Data invalidation support
Cache monitoring mechanism
Fine.. that is a 100 feet level view of dynachahe. Let us go in deep

Servlet/JSP object caching:  The output of servlet/jsp will be cached against the cacheId