Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The Story:
Consider one business scenario where client wants to keep a set of common attributes for all products under a given store.Also this attributes may change frequently and client wants to control the product using same attributes.

Business Solution:
WCS provides a feature to keep set of common attributes that can be reused by multiple products- called as Attribute Dictionary

The Features:
-Control the product searchable ,comparable and displayable feature by changing the value in ATTR table
-Reduced data loading because attributes is saved in only one location
-Easy to manage the attributes
-Single Attribute dictionary is allowed for a given store. Under each Attribute dictionary you can upload any number of attributes
-Use the massload utility to upload to attribute dictionary

Data Model

ATTRDICGRP(attribute dictionary group)               -Define a attribute dictionary group
ATTRTYPE(attribute type)                                      -Define attribute type
ATTRDICTGRPATTRREL(attrdictgrp_id,attr_id)   -relation table for group and attribute
ATTRDICT(Attribute Dictionary- only one for given store)      -Dictionary - only one for given store
ATTR(attribute dictionary attributes-attr_id,attrtype_id,attrdict_id)   -Define any number of attributes
ATTRDESC                       -About the attribute
ATTRVALDESC(attrvalid)                             -Language sensitive attribute value description.)
CATENTRYATTR(catentry_id,attrid,attrvalid) -Relation table catentry-attribute and attrvalue

+ Feature pack 4 has this feature